• Risk Reward : High
  • Avg. Accuracy : ~70%
  • Qualified Profit : >2%

Why subscribe MaxMin -Cash Short term ?

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Maximum Profit with the Minimum number of the trade (MaxMin) is a special advisory service for those investors & traders who are not profound screen based traders and do not wish to trade on daily basis.

In Maxmin cash, we will cherry pick equity cash counters based clear chart breakout patterns. we follow various leading indicators and diversion theories to tap these counter early to have maximum reward on each advisory call. Average holding period could be between 0-3 days, therefore, subscribers need to have patience and an adequate amount to carryover position overnight. If you are a safe intraday trader, please square off the position the same day and re-enter the next day with the same levels.  

How is this smallcase built?

(a) Get 6 Months MaxMin Future in Rs 60000

(b) Get 6 Months MaxMin Option in Rs 60000

(c) Get 6 Months MaxMin Cash in Rs 40000




Subcription Price

Rs 11000 / Month

What subscribers will receive:

  1. Up to 20 calls in a 1-month subscription which will be short-term equity cash intraday tips /calls carrying high risk-reward ratio.

  2. Generally, not more than two calls will remain open at any point of time on the TRADEIT stock market app.

  3. By default, all share market advisory services calls will have Entry Level, Target and Stop Loss.

  4. Only one big target.

  5. Most of the calls will meet with Target or Stop Loss within specify time frame however TRADEIT team can't guarantee the same as we are not operators.

  6. GST Invoice of HNI Advisory services subscription.


Profit booking principle

For safe traders - Book Profit between 50-60% of the total target.

For Moderate traders - Book Profit between 70-80% of the total target.

For Risky traders - Book Profit between 70-100% of the total target.

Users waiting for the full target, we suggest to start booking partial profit on the above levels and revise the stop loss.

Strictly no overtrading and follow stop loss with no exception.

Stock Picking Process

Based on our proprietary stock picking process which is a combination of fundamental analysis, Volatility, Liquidity, Expected news, Current industry & Counter specific trend along with various other hygiene-related checks such as promoters, quality, past performance etc. Our experienced team members identify the set of stock which may outperform the market on a short-term basis. Being a best stock advisory company in India we advise only in NSE listed stock barring few which are only listed in BSE portal.

Leading indicators

Leading indicators signal future events that's why we always focus on buying/selling at a lower & higher valuation. Our stock market tips/calls will be entirely based on a combination of various good leading indicators and generally overshoot our target as these market calls were advised around the accumulation phase of any particular counter. This will improve the risk-reward ratio to a great extent.

Sacrosanct Stop loss

TRADEIT believe in the mantra ‘’capital is more important than the return’’ therefore stop loss levels are very important for us. Although share market calls which carry high stop-loss order will be out of our advisory bucket for that particular time.

Pocketing Profit

We provide only one target but it would be big! Therefore we advise our stock market app users to book the profit in a phase-wise manner. This will not only reduce the stop-loss burden but also provide multiple-trading good opportunities in the same counter.

Equity & Commodity market trading and investment are subject to market risk. Recommendations are based on the theories of technical and fundamental analysis and personal observations. We do not guarantee any profit and are not responsible for any losses made by traders/investors basis our recommendations on any services.

Subscribers are expected to fill the risk profile correctly so that we can assess your risk appetite correctly and advise you to choose the right services. Any change in risk profile should be immediately updated to us via email.

Kindly note that any call can hit to stop loss in equity and commodity market, therefore, please follow the stop loss without any exceptions.

We do not suggest our subscribers on a number of share/lot they have to buy/sell on our calls. Please strictly trade as per your risk per your risk profile and never overtrade.

We do not provide any assured or guaranteed return on any of our services. further, we do not have any refund policy on any of our services.  

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